Welcome to the TAU Group

We are a dynamic, diverse, and interdisciplinary research group from the Visual Computing and Computational Media Section in the School of Performance, Visualization & Fine Arts at Texas A&M University. Our group develops numerical and machine learning algorithms and tools to enable and accelerate digital transformation (DX) for a sustainable society.

Our specific areas of interest include:

  • Digital Twin, Data Curation, Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Scientific Machine Learning (SciML), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL)
  • Scientific Visualization (SciViz), 3D Modeling, VR/AR
  • Geospatial Analysis, Signal Processing
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

We are grateful for funding from Texas A&M University, NSF, the NIST, and the LYRASIS Catalyst Fund.


11/08/2022 [EVENT]

The 2022 Advances in Public Safety Technology Workshop will take place at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Dr. Tao participated in the discussion on how technology will play a critical role in developing more effective public safety solutions.

11/07/2022 [EVENT]

2022 5th IEEE 5G Workshop on First Responder and Tactical Networks took place at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. Dr. Tao gave an invited lightning talk on Roadmap for a Digital-Twin Enabled Testbed for Public Safety Communication Technologies.

10/28/2022 [EVENT]

The AI3 Prize Competition sponsors and organizers hosted an informational webinar in late October 2022. The TAU group is in charge of the technical component of the competition.

10/23/2022 [GRANT]

Dr. Tao was selected as an ADVANCE NCFDD Faculty Success Fellow for Spring 2023.

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